Feb 23, 2016

Several years ago, I was stuck in the kitchen; in the midst of a design-build re-model of a 7,000 sq. ft. vacation home in Aspen, Co. In need of a kitchen design, I inquired among my network of architectural designers and Noelle Hernandez's name came up, often. Noelle joined the project and her in-put exceeded my expectations. Her expertise and impeccable sense of style and taste spilled out of the kitchen and added detail and refinement to the entire project. Noelle was a delight; this was a beginning. Since our initial l introduction, I have worked with Noelle on four major renovations of "luxury properties" and watched her turn properties into warm, inviting, efficient and deliciously designed homes. Noelle plays well with others. Whether interacting and collaborating with the owner, architect, client, contractor, fabricator, sub-contractor, even to the job-site laborers, Noelle brings a bright light, calmness and considered elevation to the project. Noelle knows her business, knows her sources and knows how to get things done; this is an easy recommendation to make.

Don Stuber, Principal at Don Stuber Design-Build